You may think you have seen your fair share of bags, but Fjallraven takes the art of sustainable packs to a whole new level. Fjallraven Kanken Backpack, has been a staple in Sweden for over 35 years. Now, this classic school bag has made its way into Hobie Surf Shops.

It all started over 60 years ago in a small Swedish town by a fourteen-year-old boy named Åke Nordin. Spending more time outdoors than indoors, Åke developed an innovative pack made with wooden frames to evenly distribute weight. During a trip up North, Åke’s invention caught the attention of the indigenous Sami people who spent weeks at a time high up in the mountains. They asked him to build them a backpack and after that a tent. Fjällräven had found its beginning.

Fjallraven had become known in all corners of the world for developing innovative goods in all categories. With all the innovation, sustainability became top priority. Being committed to “Leaving their basecamp better than when they found it”, Fjallraven created a management compass to guide them in decisions, and to make sure the path they are following is one towards sustainability.

N stands for nature; if you care about nature and protect it, future generations will be able to enjoy it

E stands for economy; as a corporation, they need to play by economic rules. If Fjallraven prospers they are able to focus more

attention on their sustainability mission, convincing more partners to join their quest

S stands for society; striving to meet sustainable goals in all societies their goods are sold

W stands for wellbeing; not only does this pertain to their staff and customer, but also to wildlife.

Fjallraven signed the United Nation Global Compact initiative to adopt sustainable and socially responsible policies, and to report on their implementation. This includes human rights, labor standards, and environmental rights, and to take a stand in the fight against corruption. Most of their products are created with recycled materials and organic cottons. Their products are created to be durable and lasting in order to reduce the number of garments in the worlds landfills.

Fjällräven means Arctic Fox in Swedish, honoring the small and highly adaptable predator that lives in the Swedish mountains under the harshest conditions. The arctic fox is unfortunately under severe threat of extinction in Scandinavia and Finland due to overhunting for its beautiful fur coat at the beginning of last century. As a company, they have been cooperating with researchers in a number of different projects. Such as, spreading information, supplying equipment and donating money to research and food supplementation.

Their goal for a healthier outdoor life, now and for future generations is something that we at Hobie can not applaud enough. For the simple reason of loving the outdoors, Fjallraven has created a lifestyle that our customers already stand behind. We hope you are ready to adventure in these packs as much as we are!

Company Exterior Practices

  • Save the Arctic Fox
  • Spreading information, supplying equipment, donating money to research and food supplementation.

Company Interior Practices

  • UN Global Compact initiative
  • Human rights, labor standards, and environmental rights, and to take a stand in the fight against corruption.

Product Features

  • The sustainable wooden frame in the packs and fabric creates 90% less emissions of CO2 in production.
  • Products use recycled polyester and organic cotton
  • G100 fabric is tightly woven, hard-tested and quick-to-dry, providing excellent ventilation, top-grade wind and water resistance and remarkable durability across the globe.

Did you know…

Eating local isn't just a hipster trend. Industrial food production is dependent entirely on fossil fuels. By adding transportation, processing and packaging to the food system equation, the fossil fuel and energy use of our current food system puts tremendous stress on the environment. Support your local farmers market!
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