If there were a proverbial “brick & mortar” lifestyle brand it would be Hippy Tree. Established in 2004; the mantra of “Surf & Stone,” a brilliant combination of terrestrial activities: surfing and climbing, serves to define the values and ethics of this landmark organization.

Hippy Tree was spawned by the collective, entrepreneurial, pursuit of a tightknit group of Los Angeles surfers. A company, with a proven perspective, molded by an imaginative approach to surfing Malibu and weekends spent climbing the other worldly landscape of Joshua Tree.

Staying true to Hippy Tree values --“Surf & Stone” -- these essential memories our emblazoned on graphic T-shirts made from the finest organic cotton or boardshorts produced from upcycled plastics. From inception to production to store shelf to customer fulfillment, concept of environmental stewardship is embedded in every Hippy Tree creation.

Hippy Tree’s commitment to the environment is represented by their iconic “Pine Tree” logo. This stands as a testament to the ethics of their company, either materialized in their pursuit of the finest quality goods to the way they pass through production. Hippy Tree maintains their appreciation for the environment by using the finest organic t-shirt blanks, beautiful polyester wovens, and completely upcycled boardshorts. These products not only provide us with the greatest versatility in our avid lifestyle activities, but limit waste that is deposited in local landfills. Through their company passion, as well as the support of their tribesman and women, Hippy Tree is rewriting the book on fashion and what it means to be a supporter of the wildlife community that surrounds us.


Company Interior Practices

  • Day-to-Day office practices
  • Recycling paper, plastics, and aluminum cans
  • Minimalistic approach – conserving and limiting resource consumption

Company Exterior Practices

  • Serving the local community
  • Quarterly beach/trash cleanups

Company Exterior Practices

  • Serving the local community
  • Quarterly beach/trash cleanups

Product Features

  • Water-based printed tees
  • Instead of standard oil-based printing
  • Application of recycled polyester
  • E.g. hats, boardshorts, and wovens
  • Application of organic cotton
  • E.g. hats, shorts, and t-shirts
  • Application of sustainably sourced down
  • E.g. your favorite down jacket

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