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The Hoffman

The Hoffman; a step into Surfing’s past. The Hoffman Model is our tribute to one of surfing’s greatest athletes and commanding personalities. Hoffman possesses several accolades to her name; from four US Open Titles to LA Times Woman of the year in 1965. The Hoffman Model was and continues to be on the forefront of progression. It combines a sleek, maneuverable, outline; adept enough to address any wave face. Furthermore, the elongated step-deck reacts as a gas pedal and keeps the board in constant trim. The rider must have an in-depth knowledge of wave anatomy to ride the nose.  Just as freewheeling as the late-sixties, the Hoffman Model presents a pleasant surprise with each surf outing.

On a considerable side-note, a portion of each Hoffman sale is donated to the Surfing Heritage & Culture Center, in San Clemente, CA. Joyce has a powerful connection with the Center’s roots and our greatest desire is to honor Surfing’s rich legacy. Join us as we take a “step” in the right direction with the Hoffman Model!

The Hoffman Model Longboard

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