the gato-son

The Gato-Son

A curvaceous apparatus that guru noserider, Lance Carson, would call home; a PIG from Hell if you’ll indulge us! The Gato-Son, named for Hobie Shredder: Ian Gottron, is the product of his local topography. Its curvy outline and long rails mesh well with the points of Dana Point and San Clemente. Moreover, Terry Martin’s signature rocker and a general lack of concave increases this javelin’s trim factor. The expert and novice will be impressed by the Gato-Son’s paddle power, as well as, the its ability to speed around soupy sections. The Gato-Son’s noseride, however, requires more finesse. Due to the concave’s absence, the noseride craves speed and perfect positioning in the curl. Once you find the right spot; you’ll have to hold on for a fast ‘Strauch” fiver!

Gato-Son Longboard

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