dana cove

Dana Cove

During the mid 1960’s most major surfboard labels went back and forth debating the properties of physics and design that would allow a rider to achieve the longest possible noseride. Tom Morey came up with the “wing nose” which mimicked the shape of an airplane wing. The sloping down rail in the nose meets a flat edge on the bottom creating lift while planing through water. We incorporated this pivotal design into our Dana Cove Noserider and coupled it with a lower, faster rocker, and scooped ashtray tail allowing water to flow over the deck and be distributed off of the tail. This board is a product of science, not luck, meticulously designed to excel in challenging conditions, particularly steep beach breaks and fast point-style waves. Adam Davenport and his team of trusted surfers swear by this design and assure you have nothing like itin your quiver.

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