Hobie Sustainability

“If it’s fun, it’s never work. And if it isn’t fun, it’ll never work.” -Hobie Alter

Pure and simple, that’s our mantra! Hobie’s roots run deeper than the immediate surf and sand, but fuels the lifestyle essence that continues to shape Southern California. Since 1954, our stores have paved a trail of innovation stemming from our pursuit of quality and customer satisfaction. However, we have never lost sight of our true passion, the community and environment which surrounds us.

Approximately ten years ago we began our journey with the “Green Room”. A concept shop in which we partnered with Patagonia and other like- minded companies that supported the environmental movement. Companies with a common goal of finding better ways of educating the world about the need for social responsibility. Now, as a Green Business Certificate recipient, we demonstrate resource conservation and prevent pollution in our daily business practices and operations.

Hobie’s goal is to continue and remain the most sustainable retail company in the surf industry. As we move forward through the challenging waters of retail, we are partnering with more brands that put social responsibility and the environment first. Sustainability is a journey and we will be transparent with our vendors who share the same destination we have set our sails towards.

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