double nickels

Double Nickels

At Hobie Surfboards, we’re committed the ancient art of logging. There are a lot of options within the longboard category; there’s performance, vintage, gliders, and all sorts of designs that navigate the in-between. We all agree, however, that the crux of all logging is the noseride; the unmistakable feeling of hanging digits while trimming across the face of a wave. We all want to spend more time on the nose, and award-winning shaper Michael Arenal’s answer is the Double Nickels.

The Double Nickels resides in the same realm as our Uncle Buck 2. With its green weight blank and fluid continuous rocker, this board offers a seamless journey to the nose, devoid of any interruptions. True 5050 rails and a flat deck contour ensure stability, while a deep concave and subtle vee provide unmatched lift and responsiveness. Whether you're a seasoned noserider or a newcomer to the scene, the Double Nickels promises a foolproof ride with a traditional tail outline, inviting you to experience the thrill of noseriding nirvana on any wave.

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