funkle buck

Funkle Buck

Delve into the harmonious world where fusion jazz meets the artistry of longboard surfing, a dance that involves consistent trim, cross-stepping, navigating the soup, and skillful noseriding. Gary Larson's latest creation, the "Funkle Buck," is a vibrant rendition of team rider Bucky Barry's signature shape, drawing inspiration from our customer favorite; Uncle Buck 2. With a rocker mirroring the Bucky Dos, it boasts a flat nose entry and a ½” to ¾” lift in the last 30” of the tail, ensuring impressive noseriding and sharp cutbacks. The "Funkle-Buck" excels with its streamlined design, offering strategic control in steeper or beach-break conditions—a stellar choice for those seeking a competitive edge in single-fin logging. Bucky beckons you to elevate your logging experience with the exceptional "Funkle-Buck"!

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