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The Hobie Lightweight

Transport yourself back to 1966, when Nat Young clinched surfing’s World Title at Ocean Beach, CA, wielding his legendary 9’4” surfboard, affectionately known as 'Sam.' That moment marked a seismic shift in surfboard design as US manufacturers ditched their heavyweight noseriders in favor of lighter materials. With noseriding losing its allure, the cutback emerged as the epitome of performance surfing.

Our Hobie Lightweight picks up where our ‘66 NR left off. Designed by Adam Davenport, the Lightweight features a classic weight blank with lighter 6 oz volan cloth and a balsa t-band wedge. Meticulously shaped with pinched 5050 rails, a subtly contoured step-deck, and a blended concave, Davenport's timeless classic ensures agile trimming and lightning-fast noserides across the wave face. The rider will be able to pivot this model much easier than the '66 due to a reduction in swing weight. All we can say is, hold onto your seatbelts; you’re going to love this board!

Hobie The Lightweight LongboardHobie The Lightweight Longboard
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