the rilynn

The Rilynn

The Rilynn model is tailored for our fellow lady sliders, featuring a sleek and manageable profile. The blended concave and noserider-focused rocker profile gives this model a levitating effect when on the front third and enables the rider to get some extended tip time. To enhance maneuverability, we added a touch of vee in front of the fin and slight edge in the last three inches to ease the positioning and turning for smaller riders. Rilynn Baker, the board’s developer alongside master shaper, Gary Larson, surfs this model in a variety of wave conditions. Witness her effortlessly stalling of the board and gracefully cross-stepping to the nose; in Hobie Surfboards feature “Past is Present”. The Rilynn is a testament to the perfect blend of style and functionality for female sliders seeking an exceptional surfing experience.

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