the specialist

The Specialist

Elastic Fantastic! The Specialist is our spin on the progressive step-decks of the late sixties. This bendy water craft features a flat mid-section with a generous amount of curve in the nose and tail. A flatter mid-section allows the Specialist to rule as “Trim-King”, especially, in sloping or mushy conditions. Furthermore, the most prominent feature is an s-deck foil from nose-to-tail. At center, the Specialist is thicker than most Hobie offerings, but the nose and tail are foiled out nicely to create greater sensitivity on the nose and tail. An experienced rider will love the precise control offered from each end. Lastly, the noseride that the Specialist offers is a fast, trim-oriented, glide. If you are a surfer looking for a log with an extra gear; the Specialist will take you places that a normal LOG will not. Your FUN-meter just went through the roof; the Specialist is in!

The Specialist Longboard

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