circa 71 twin

Circa 71 Twin

A design that needs no introduction, the Fish is a simple yet versatile surfboard. Its parallel outline and twin keels deliver enjoyment in even the sloppiest of wave conditions. First and foremost, credit must be given to San Diego’s surfing hierarchy for this innovative concept. Originally designed by La Jolla kneeboarder, Steve Lis, and surfed in the Sunset Cliffs area. The Fish grew in popularity with the surfing of Hawaiian, David Nuuhiwa, one of the sport’s most stylish goofy foots. With this outline and its wide base keeled fins, the fish is lightning fast. A limited amount of drag allows the rider to push around sections and carve arching turns. Its rocker is flatter than most contemporary boards, thus allowing for greater wave catching ability and control in smaller surf. The Hobie Circa 71 is the perfect stepping stone into the world of alternative style.

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Hobie Circa 71 Twin Surfboard

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