the pig

Velzy: The Pig

In the post-WWII surf scene, there were three: Bob Simmons, Matt Kivlin, and Joe Quiqq. Simmons was an enigmatic recluse and Cal-Poly drop out, but his twin fin concepts continue to resonate in modern board design. Kivlin and Quigg, Malibu cohorts, developed “Chips” that honed in the point break speed of the ‘Bu. Enter Dale Velzy, he desired to offer a board that had the speed of the “Chip”, but greater maneuverability. Dale narrowed the nose of a balsa blank, moved the wide point back from center/forward by 8-10 inches, and gave the aft end a major tail-block. The Pig was born! It gave the rider greater maneuverability in the pocket and increased hold for noseriding. Overnight, hotdogging entered the surfer’s vernacular and riding waves would never be the same!

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