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One of Laguna Beach's beloved sons, Hobart “Hobie” Alter dreamed of never having to wear hard-soled shoes, and in living a clean, ocean oriented lifestyle. Inclined towards creation and a love of surfing, he established Hobie Surfboards in 1954, and realized his dream. In Dana Point, Hobie Surfboards quickly became an industry leader, cultivating a reputation for craftsmanship, innovation, quality, and inspired performance. Beyond surfboards, Alter continued to reinvent what would become action sports by pushing the design of many contemporary inventions; such as the Hobie Catamaran. Today, 64 years later, we’re still here, making hand-shaped surfboards the way Hobie envisioned. His legacy lives on in every surfboard we make. You can depend on the quality and craftsmanship that he demanded. That's our guarantee to you.


Phil Honolulu LongboardPhil Honolulu Longboard

Phil Honolulu

Hobie Endless Summer Model LongboardHobie Endless Summer Model Longboard

Endless Summer Model

Hobie Phil Edwards Model LongboardHobie Phil Edwards Model Longboard

Phil Edwards Model

Hobie Classic LongboardHobie Classic Longboard

Hobie Classic

Hobie 66 Noserider LongboardHobie 66 Noserider Longboard

66 Noserider

Hobie Lecacy LongboardHobie Lecacy Longboard

The Legacy

Hobie Uncle Buck II Noserider LongboaordHobie Uncle Buck II Noserider Longboaord

Uncle Buck II

Hobie Dana Cove LongboardHobie Dana Cove Longboard

Dana Cove

Hobie Stratocruiser LongboardHobie Stratocruiser Longboard


Hobie Funcle Buck Noserider LongboardHobie Funcle Buck Noserider Longboard

Funcle Buck

Hobie Gato Son V2 LongboardHobie Gato Son V2 Longboard

Gato Son V2

Hobie Encore LongboardHobie Encore Longboard


Hobie Performance Noserider LongboardHobie Performance Noserider Longboard

Performance Noserider

Hobie The Specialist LongboardHobie The Specialist Longboard

The Specialist

Hobie Hoffman Model LongboardHobie Hoffman Model Longboard

Hoffman Model


Hobie Greenhorn Midlength SurfboardHobie Greenhorn Midlength Surfboard


Hobie Farside Midlength SurfboardHobie Farside Midlength Surfboard


Hobie Retro Egg Midlength SurfboardHobie Retro Egg Midlength Surfboard

Retro Egg


Hobie Circa 71 Twin SurfboardHobie Circa 71 Twin Surfboard

Circa 71 Twin

Hobie C-4 ShortboardHobie C-4 Shortboard


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